Twisty Treats near Orion Rockwall: Enjoy Some Frozen Yogurt Along the Lake

Twisty Treats jumps on the fro-yo bandwagon in a fun, colorful space it Rockwall, but it adds some extra flair to the concept. Yes, you can fill a cup with creamy frozen yogurt and cap it with whatever toppings you like from the bar (which holds everything from sprinkles and candies to nuts and fruits), but you can also order a good old-fashioned sundae at the counter.

If you opt to do the latter, sit and wait while Twisty Treats' employees work hard on your dessert. Once it's done, they'll trot it right out to your table. Although you're welcome to stay and savor your fro-yo, ice cream, or baked good in-house, the tables fill up quickly. So many customers opt to walk along the nearby lake while they dig into something sweet. Make the quick trip from Orion Rockwall to Twisty Treats for a taste.

Twisty Treats
2065 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, TX 75032
(214) 771-0801

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