Cold Stone Creamery near Orion Rockwall: Fresh Ice Cream and Crunchy Mix-Ins

If you're craving something sweet after dinner at Orion Rockwall, hop in the car and head right down the street to Cold Stone Creamery on Summer Lee Drive. The ice cream shop may be part of a much larger nationwide chain, but it feels like a small local shop thanks to the attentive staffers and great care with which each dish is crafted.

After all, the employees begin every morning by making the ice cream for the day fresh from natural ingredients. Once it's all ready to go, customers are welcome to filter in and place their orders. The real fun of grabbing dessert at Cold Stone Creamery isn't even in the eating, though; it's in watching the employees incorporate your add-ins. They do so atop the marble counter at the front of the shop. Using a pair of scoops, the staff members mix fresh fruit, cookies, and candy into your sundae until it's all swirled together in a sweet, crunchy-creamy treat.

Cold Stone Creamery
2115 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall TX 75032
(972) 722-2589

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