From Classic to Quirky, Baskin-Robbins near Orion Rockwall Dishes Out High Quality Ice Cream

When it comes to dessert, there might not be a spot more iconic than Baskin-Robbins. The ice cream parlor boasts locations scattered all across the nation, including one right on Ridge Road near Orion Rockwall. Sweet-toothed locals looking for a fix know that this branch, like every other part of the Baskin-Robbins chain, dishes out perfectly creamy sweets every time.

Some of the menu's flavors are specific to the Rockwall location, but many of them are familiar scoops. If you're craving mint chocolate chip, vanilla, or pralines 'n cream, you'll find all of those on the list of offerings, along with other popular versions such as chocolate and chocolate chip. Keep an eye out for the more unconventional flavors if you're feeling adventurous, however. In Japan, Baskin-Robbins scoops out red bean and green tea ice cream—so the possibilities are virtually endless.

2951 Ridge Road
Rockwall, TX 75032
(214) 771-0304

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