Try the Shrimp Scampi Pie at Samee’s Pizza Getti

Rockwall restaurateur Samee is known for transforming struggling eateries into thriving businesses, which is precisely what he did with Samee's Pizza Getti. Today, locals hail his Rockwall pizzeria as a great spot to grab dinner with friends or family, especially if you're interested in trying an artisan pie.

The pomodoro pizza delights diners with its slightly spicy tomato sauce, which serves as the foundation for a medley of bell peppers, red onion, and mushrooms dusted with crushed red pepper and garlic. It's topped with fresh meatballs, culminating in a truly decadent dish. The shrimp scampi pizza is another unique option, smothered with plump shrimp, mushrooms, tomatoes, and garlic butter over a creamy base of Alfredo sauce. Samee's Pizza Getti also offers a smorgasbord of other classic Italian dishes, so take your time exploring the entire menu when you dine here.

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