Body Synergie: Enjoy a Yoga Class This Fall

Are you trying to find a way to create balance in your life? Interested in practicing different ways to reduce day-to-day stress? Just looking for a different kind of exercise? Whatever your reason may be, you might be interested in taking a class at Body Synergie. This establishment on Ridge Road holds classes for both yoga and tai chi. With a variety of classes for you to choose from, this is the perfect place both for beginners looking to learn the basics and for more seasoned practitioners interested in challenging themselves.

Regulars at Body Synergie love the relaxed and calm atmosphere this studio provides. Class sizes tend to be small, giving each session an intimate and quiet feel. This allows you to really take in each pose and work to the best of your abilities. What’s more, the instructors are careful to make each class challenging but not impossible, so be sure to check out this great place soon!

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