Harry Myers Park: Get Some Fresh Air near Orion Rockwall

In a state that's perpetually warm, there's rarely a bad day to get some fresh air. Harry Myers Park in Rockwall makes it easy for you to get your daily does of vitamin D. Not only is it located just a stone's throw away from Orion Rockwall, it also promises a wide array of outdoor fun.

If you're feeling sporty, arrange a game with friends on one of two baseball fields at the park. Or if you like more of a solitary workout, you can hit the paved trails for a run. They wind right by three picturesque ponds, so feel free to take a quick break and snap a picture or stick your toes in the water. Anyone just looking for a good spot to picnic can claim one of the pavilions or gazebos—and perhaps a barbecue grill—to cook up lunch.

Harry Myers Park
815 East Washington
Rockwall, TX 75087
(972) 771-7700

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