More Than 300 Types of Chocolate Line the Shelves at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Near Orion Rockwall

Chocolate clusters. Truffles. Caramels. At Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, sugar is represented in a variety of ways—and customers seem to love each and every one. At least, they've been keeping Rocky Mountain in business since 1981. The Rockwall location of Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, located not far from Orion Rockwall, brings sweets by this Colorado-based company to its local clientele.

You'll find more than 300 varieties of chocolate candies at Rocky Mountain, and they range from the aforementioned treats to chocolate-covered strawberries and fudge. You can even pick up some caramel corn, candied apples, or cream candies at Rocky Mountain. You can actually watch while the staff members make candied apples or other traditional sweets using old-school equipment. So swing by the shop on your way back to Orion Rockwall from work to get something sugary for that night's dessert.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
2091 Summer Lee Drive
Rockwall, TX 75032
(214) 771-3500

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